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Putty.exe is a secure shell terminal emulation package for the Microsoft Windows (TM) operating systems. It allow you to connect from any place on the internet to our demonstration site goldeneye.jarviscomputer.com.


Occasionally, a dealership will find putty.exe disconnects too easily. Here is the fix.

Get remote support for your PC using ShowMyPC. Click on the link below and then click on ShowMyPC to Remote User. You should choose to run the program, once the program is running click on the 'Show My PC Now' button. It will generate a 4 digit number, give that to whoever is giving you remote support. You may need to tell Windows(TM) or your anti-virus software to allow/unblock the program.

Show My PC

CoreFTP is a windows based FTP client. It is used to grab files off our linux or unix server for use on a windows machine.

coreftplite1.3.exe ~2MB


Putty.reg sets up the registry for the putty.exe package for the Microsoft Windows (TM) operating systems. Execute this file in place.


WinZip (TM) is a file archive and compression package for the Microsoft Windows (TM) operating systems. It allows you archive or extract from archives. Install and use this program to install Teraterm.


VNC is a program that we can use to remotely connect to your windows computer and configure software or troubleshoot programs. You should run the link below and leave all of the settings at default.

vnc-3.3.7-x86_win32.exe ~500KB

Tcl is a graphical interpreter. It is useful for running short tcl scripts in a graphical mode.

ActiveTcl8.4.4.0-win32-ix86.exe ~12MB

pserver.tcl ~37KB

Remote print server

JarvisRP_linux.zip ~22MB

Remote chat


Credit Card reader configuration program.


Credit Card reader configuration used with Jarvis credit card program. Right click on link and select "Save as".


An interesting utility.


E-mail: jarvis@jarviscomputer.com Phone: 1-(800)-657-4499    or 1-(507)-454-2575    Fax: (507)-454-2379
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