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Jarvis Computer Software is based in Winona, Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River. We specialize in helping dealers of all the makes in the smaller markets meet their data management needs.

Most system avaible to dealers today were designed for the 20% of the dealers that sell 75% to 80% of the vehicles sold. These system are not cost effective for dealers that sell 500 or less new units a year.

Today we offer data management systems to meet every need of the Small Market Dealer at prices that are cost effective for the Small Market Dealer!

We have Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems for the PC. This gives you great flexibility in the organization of the data management tasks for your dealership.

Our systems cover all needs of the automobile dealer -- Account -- Inventory Conrtol -- Service Merchandising -- Customer Follow-up -- Service Scheduling -- etc.

We would be pleased to discuss any of these matters with you.


Clare H. Jarvis

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