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System A

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Dealership Accounting by Jarvis Computer Software is an easy to use and efficient group of computer programs.

Helps organize documents and control the activities in your dealership by automating many record keeping functions.

Uses menus to help the bookkeeper navigate through the system and accomplish routine and extra-ordinary tasks.

Helps to prevent the mistakes that regularly creep into manual books and forces the bookkeeper to balance every transaction.

Used properly, balances the work load over the month. There is little or no month-end crunch.

System A Includes Five Modules:

General Ledger

Includes all journals, general ledger, chart of accounts, schedules, audit trails, closings and manufacturers' operating reports.

Journals include any number of journals you may wish to use. Typical journals include cash receipts, cash disbursements, purchase, vehicle purchase, vehicle sales, repair orders, warranty, internal, counter tickets, payroll, general, and standard entries.

Chart of accounts include all of the manufacturers account numbers plus the ability to add accounts of your own. Accounts may be scheduled or distributed. The chart can be translated to print another manufacturers financial statement.

The schedules can either be aged or side-by-side. The schedule can be controlled by document number, stock number, VIN, or other.

A manufacturer's financial statement or other financial statement is included with the system.

Accounts Receivable

Includes on-line customer account status, aging, statements, credit limits, mailing labels, and finance charges.

Aging includes both detail and short form. Statements can be run by groups and can be run any time during the month.

Accounts Payable

Includes on-line vendor account status, aging, 1099's and check writing.

Check writing includes payments from payables, or single checks from cash disbursements.


Includes employee master records, on-line employee pay status, paycheck writing, federal, state, FICA, unemployment and local taxes, quarterly reports, W2's and automatic transfer to the general ledger.

Vehicle Inventory

Includes vehicle master record, on-line vehicle status, internal repair orders, and master lists.

System A reduces the time and effort it takes for bookkeeping. Overtime is reduced. The time required at the end of month is reduced. The bookkeeper can spend more time doing the things you wish would get done and less time on the mechanical task of making entries in the books.


Initial training is provided at your dealership. This training takes about one week. The initial training is provided as part of the purchase price of System A.

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